Dallas Lifestyle Blogger Marisa Howard & 7 Tips to be more photogenic

I’ll be the first to admit, I’m not the most photogenic person. I’m a little camera shy at times (except when I was younger and ruined every other family photo by making the weirdest faces) and am slightly envious of people who are more photogenic.


Thankfully there are ways to become more confident and happy with how you look in pictures – here are a few things  you can keep in mind on your next shoot!

  1. Your smile. A real smile will always look better than a forced one – try thinking of something funny or fake laugh to help create a real smile.
  2. Are you prone to blinking if it’s a little too bright outside or if you’re facing the sun? Try closing your eyes and having the photographer count to three, then open your eyes and they’ll get the shot. This way you can avoid squinting and/or blinking.
  3. If you’re worried about having a double chin – you can do a few simple things: elongate your neck and push your face slightly forward. Practice sticking your forehead out and bringing your chin slightly down. You may feel a little awkward doing it but you’ll look great.
  4. If you’re nervous you may feel a little tense in your face or mouth. Try opening your lips slightly and breathe out of your mouth – it will help soften your chin and mouth.
  5. Think about the angle you are to the camera. Instead of facing the camera straight on – try turning your head slightly away from the camera to give your features more depth. If you already know what side of your face is more photogenic try to face that direction more often.
  6. There’s an easy go-to pose if you’re ever not sure what to do –  put your hand on your hip, angle your body 45 degrees to one side and turn your head back to the camera.
  7. Try holding accessories or carrying a purse if your’e not sure what to do with your hands – it can help you relax while you’re shooting and make your shoot look more lifestyle.

And now I’d love to share this shoot with Marisa Howard. Marisa is a lifestyle blogger at Marhow and blogs about yoga, style and the progress of her new house!

We met at the Winspear Opera House (along with Andrea Overturf – excited to share that shoot too!) and I really enjoyed getting to shoot with her!


Hope you have a wonderful Friday!


P.S. I only have a couple spots left for the month of November and December is filling up!

If you’d like to schedule an outfit shoot OR if you’re needing any images for your business or website, I’d love to collaborate with you! You can find out more about style shoots here or contact me at hello(at)meganmuellerblog(dot)com.

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Dallas Blogger Monica Woodhams & 7 Ways to Prepare for your next shoot

Over the past year, I’ve shot with over 20 lifestyle, fashion and fitness bloggers. Many bloggers have asked if I have any tips that would help them prepare for their shoot. So I thought I’d share a few of those tips to hopefully help you on your next shoot – whatever type it may be :)


  1. Have your outfits organized with the accessories and shoes. This will make wardrobe changes much quicker and leave you more time to shoot (which equals more images for you to choose from)
  2. Inspiration: Are there other bloggers or brands that you like? Do you want to emulate their style in your images? You can try bringing pictures on your phone, Pinterest or from magazines that inspire you and you can reference these during your shoot. This way you don’t get to the end of the shoot and wish you would have tried more things.
  3. If you know where you’re shooting and you don’t want to change in your car (many of the bloggers I shoot with are troopers and change in their cars) – you can research the surrounding areas and see if there’s a shop or store close by that you might be able to change in.
  4. Try to get a good night’s sleep before the shoot, drink lots of water, avoid junk food and make sure you’re not hungry so you look and feel energized (and don’t get hangry while shooting!)
  5. Arrive a little early to your shoot – especially if you’re shooting outside. This way you’ll be shooting in the light your photographer envisioned and you’ll have plenty of time to get to know the area and your photographer if you haven’t yet met.
  6. Do you have any music you want to bring on your shoot? Create a playlist that makes you feel more relaxed and yourself. I did a shoot last weekend and the bloggers brought a really fun playlist that I think helped them relax and enjoy the shoot even more.
  7. The most important thing you can bring to your shoot is your confidence ;) Really, if you feel confident in your skin (and clothes) and believe you look amazing, it’s going to show in your images and you’ll have a lot more fun!
I hope some of these tips are helpful for your next shoot!
Now I’d love to introduce you to Monica Woodhams who is a lifestyle, style and travel blogger at 45fairmount.com – she is extremely sweet and was so much fun to shoot with!


I’d love to know if you have any tips from past shoots!
P.S. I only have four sessions left for the month of November – if you’d like to schedule a shoot you can do so here!
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Orange County, CA Style & Lifestyle Blogger // Carrie Bradshaw Lied (and shoot tips just for you!)

Last month I visited New York for fashion week (more on that later!) and had the pleasure of meeting Kathleen of Carrie Bradshaw Lied in Lower Manhattan for a style shoot. 

We walked from one street to the next trying to avoid a commercial being shot on the opposite corner – and we finally found the most charming little street that made us swoon.

I’m excited to finally share that shoot today – but I also wanted to try something new!

Whether you’re a blogger looking for tips on your next shoot or wanting to learn how to be a better photographer for your own blog – I thought it would be helpful to share my thought process behind the shoot. 

This way you’ll have tips – whether you’re the blogger or photographer on your next shoot ;) 


Eyes of a Photographer


What are some new locations you can try on your shoot? One way you can shoot in a more editorial way is showcasing the area around you. So here – we used the stairs – and shot using the rule of thirds where the Kat was on the left side of the image to set the scene.

Think Vogue editorials where the model is on one side of the page, but never directly in the middle. This will make the image more interesting and help tell the blogger’s story.


We first started shooting on a part of this street that was under construction AND they were shooting an Infiniti commercial on the opposite corner. Needless to say, we had to keep moving down the street until we found the perfect spot – without orange cones.

And ohh did we ever find a charming little street! So if you’re shooting in a location that’s really not working for you, just keep moving around, get creative and don’t give up. You just might find a hidden gem {wink}


Heels of a Blogger {tips if you’re the one being shot}


I can’t say for sure, but I’m guessing Kathleen was channeling a little bit of Carrie Bradshaw while we were shooting ;)

Is there someone you can pretend to be – or put yourself in their heels – that can help you feel more confident while you’re being photographed? It’s totally ok to pretend you’re someone else if it helps you feel more confident and tells your story – and can also help take your mind of the fact that you’re being photographed if you’re getting a little nervous.


Is there a specific piece of your outfit or an accessory you really want to make sure is seen? In this shoot Kathleen wanted to make sure her Kendra Scott ring and necklace were front and center.

So I had her bring her ring close to her necklace to show both accessories in one frame. Try to think of a way you can incorporate multiple pieces in a way that looks natural – like Kat did by playing with her hair.


Now I want to hear from you – was this type of post helpful for you? Are there other topics you’d be interested in learning – either as a blogger or photographer?
Let me know what you think! (just leave a comment below or send me an email at hello(at)meganmuellerblog(dot)com
If you’re a blogger in the Dallas area needing creative and editorial imagery for your next blog post – I’d love to be your gal! If you’re interested and want to learn more about shooting with me you can here! 
Hope you’re having a great week!
P.S. This week I was honored to be one of the featured Dallas photographers on PureWow Dallas – you can see the article here (and Kat was the leading lady!)
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How to get the most views ever on your blog

I have a couple questions for you.

Are you happy with the photos that are currently on your blog? Do they feel like they represent the very best version of you and all the hard work you put into styling your outfits, hair and makeup?

If they do, then keep doing what you’re doing because I truly believe that having gorgeous and professional photos can make all the difference to your blog and brand, and will set you apart from amateur bloggers.

For example – I recently shot with a couple bloggers in San Francisco (sharing that session soon!) and they told me when they shared our shoot they had the most views ever on their blog. What!?

If you don’t share that same excitement and engagement with your readers, however, I encourage you to take the next step and show the BEST version of yourself on your blog.

I’d love to shoot with you and help take your blog to a level you’re proud of. While I’m Dallas-based, I’d love to meet you wherever you are!

I’m looking to shoot with bloggers who are excited to share their style and passion with their readers, and who aren’t afraid to be themselves in front of the camera. (Because let’s face it, that can be scary but I’ve never met a girl who didn’t shine in front of my lens.)

I only have a couple spots left for the month of September so if you’d like to book a session you can do so here.

Now I’d love to share this shoot with the incredible Amy of Dallas Wardrobe. This girl’s so fun to shoot with and I love that she’s willing to try new locations and have a great time doing it ;)


Hope you have a great weekend!
P.S. If you’ve been following me on Instagram you know that I recently got back from my first trip to New York Fashion Week to shoot street style and meet amazing creative people. I was also able to shoot with a couple bloggers while I was there which was a dream! Looking forward to sharing my trip on the blog with you soon.
P.P.S. Next week I’m teaching my first workshop for Dallas bloggers – if you’re wanting to learn how you can strengthen you photography & video skills (or just learn the basics) you’re invited to join the workshop next Thursday! You can register here.
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Dallas Blogger Lauren Murphy // Session 4

I hope your week has been great so far! My husband and I got back from our anniversary trip to Portland and San Francisco and I really didn’t want to leave.

Some highlights included a trip to Oregon’s gorgeous coast (where I proceeded to nap on the sand), biking across the Golden Gate Bridge and a lot of incredible food (you’re not allowed to say no to amazing food on vacation, right?!)

I also had the opportunity to shoot with a couple bloggers while we were in SF – can’t wait to share those with you!

Have you ever flipped through a Vogue and seen a model in a completely unexpected location? It always throws me off at first but somehow works perfectly.

That’s what I loved so much about this shoot with Dallas blogger Lauren Murphy. She suggested we stop by this gas station that had closed down – it was such a perfect contrast to her amazing dress!

Who would have thought bars and banana peels would make the cut?


If you’re a blogger or entrepreneur I’d love to shoot with you in one of your favorite locations!
I’m booking shoots for the upcoming months – if you’d like to know more about blogger sessions you can here or to book a shoot email me at hello@meganmuellerblog.com.
P.S. Are you on Instagram? It’s one of my favorite ways to get to know people and I’d love to follow you! You can find me @meganmweaver and see that one time I matched a mermaid
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August 9, 2014 - 10:47 pm

Chelsea - Such gorgeous photos Megan! Absolutely stunning!

M o r e   i n f o